Fabulous Fall Fishing 2019

Fall fishing this was outstanding! The variety of species and anglers really stood out.  We had great numbers of women and children fishing this summer which is always great to see.  So nice to see the next generation of anglers enjoying the sport! And, guests were happy to bring in our renowned walleye but also some sheephead which put up a great fight and smallmouth bass.


Brad’s October Walleye

Kev’s December Walleye

Father & Son Fall Fish

Doug’s October Walleye

Jeremy’s December Walleye

Kara, from Pennsylvanian caught a giant Sheephead

Lisa, Hunter & Wade’s October Walleye



Mark & Kara’s October Walleye

November Bass

November Pike

November Smallmouth Bass

Ian’s October Sheephead

Ian released a 9 pound Walleye